Olson Engineering, Inc. provides the following services:

Process Engineering & Project Management
Covers project total installed cost estimating, detailed project scope of work development, Process Hazards Analysis, HAZOP and Layer of Protection Analysis (LOPA).

Civil & Structural
Experience includes detailed design of foundation, process equipment structure, pipe racks, buildings, structural analysis and composite loading evaluations. Experience in roads, bridges, marine facilities and railcar loading facilities.

Mechanical & Piping
Includes process equipment specifications, hydraulic profiles, line sizing, piping design and field piping support for quality assurance in piping. Experience in turnaround support for piping.

Instrumentation & Electrical
Covers all aspects of I & E, from analyzers, gas chromatographs, sampling systems and gas detection to power distribution and load shedding. Experience with automated motor control, transformers and grounding.

Automation & Control Projects
Covers all control systems (DCS, PLC & SIS), hardware design, software configuration, staging, documentation and training.